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Doctors 5 to 8

Category : Comics ยท by Nov 21st, 2013

Stage 2 of trying to draw all of the Doctors.

Here are the middle four.

Doctor Who 5-8


As for the individual pics:

Paul McGann was an excellent Doctor in a not very excellent special episode (I did like the Tardis though – great design). I tried to get McGann’s ‘lost poet’ look in this. I think it worked.

08_Paul McGann

Sylvester McCoy is a serviceable portrait in my opinion, but I don’t think I got much of his character. Oh well.

07_Sylvester McCoy

Colin Baker’s portrait works because it’s so different from the others – his bearing and general haughtiness makes me chuckle when I look at this.

06_Colin Baker

Peter Davison has been the toughest one to do. I really like his Doctor, but he’s kind of featureless from a portrait point of view (especially when the other have such amazing facial tics).

05_Peter Davidson

Four more to go!


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