Learning Designer and Illustrator

A hodgepodge of skills and interests has led to my career as a Learning Designer. Enjoying over 20 years in the world of eLearning design, I have been fortunate to spearheaded hundreds of projects delivering educational outcomes for a wide range of learners.

Here’s the quick version: I’m an experienced teacher with degrees in Primary Teaching and Animation. I had over 7 years experience in the classroom and about the same length of time flexing my drawing and design skills on a professional basis. These, plus a keen interest in multimedia, storytelling, and illustration have got me to this point.

That blend has also allowed me to contribute as a content writer, illustrator, animator, cartoonist, storyboard artist, scriptwriter, and game designer where those services are needed.

I strive to create supportive, relevant, and human-centred learning with a dash of playfulness.

I look forward to working with you!

Rob O’Connor


Education Services Australia, Disney, Brisbane City Council, Australian Children's Television Foundation, Telstra, Australian Government