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Dave: Zombie mobs

Category : Comics ยท by May 12th, 2013

10 pages down, 21 pages to go.

A third of the way through and things are going along smoothly! Stewart’s not showing too many images any more as they contain story spoilers, which is fair enough. So I’ll keep this as spoiler free as possible. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m in the middle of drawing a lot of zombie mob stuff now (not spoilery at all – in fact, you’d expect this from a zombie comic, yes?). What I’ve been finding really effective (and a lot of fun) is to use workmates as reference for the images.

Usually, the conversations have gone like this:

Me: Would you like to be a zombie in my comic?

Them: #$%@ yeah!

So I’ve had a few awesome lunch hours taking photos with everyone lurching around in the car park.

Sorry to those art purists who feel that photo pose reference shouldn’t be used (I’m not really) – It’s been great to get some of that random limb placement that you probably wouldn’t think of otherwise. It also made for a lot of fun and a fantastic promo for the comic!

Here is an example of the results:




In this pic I see account managers, programmers, social media coordinators and artists. Great fun!


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