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ComX Friday night drink’n’draw – The Dark Crystal

Category : Comics, Fun!, Sketches · No Comments · by Nov 25th, 2022

The good folks at ComX asked me to join them in their session. Great fun!

And here’s the pic I drew.


Rita Repulsa

Category : Comics, Fun! · No Comments · by Nov 11th, 2022

For the ComX Power Rangers Drink and Draw.


Inktober 2022

Category : Fun!, Inspiration, Sketches · No Comments · by Oct 31st, 2022

tbh I was doing it this year to force myself to draw. I pretty much haven’t drawn since last Inktober which, for me, was the driest spell I’ve ever had.
So I approached this with a little more gusto than previous years.
I also set myself the challenge of drawing no pop culture references.

The Aus ComX show

Category : Comics, Fun!, Ramblings · No Comments · by Oct 5th, 2022

Honoured to be interviewed by the good people at ComX studios.
I got to talk about Deathship Jenny, Liff, Supanova fun and everything that got me to this point. 🙂

Old Man Rufus

Category : Comics · No Comments · by Nov 17th, 2021

My take on Old Man Rufus, the next comic in production by @killeroo_ and @ryan_vella_comics


Inktober 2021

Category : Comics, Fun!, Portraits · No Comments · by Oct 31st, 2021

After a relatively art-free year, I felt I had to do this.

Young Rufus

Category : Comics, Fun! · No Comments · by Jul 5th, 2021

For Darren Close’s Young Rufus colouring book.


Dr David A Savage

Category : Portraits · No Comments · by May 29th, 2021

A portrait of a friend for his funeral.

Booklet cover
Display background

Top 2020 posts

Category : Comics, Fine art, Fun! · No Comments · by Dec 29th, 2020

… according to Instagram.

Inktober 2020

Category : Comics · No Comments · by Nov 1st, 2020

I set myself the stupidly ridiculous task of writing a story using the prompts, using my comic character Deathship Jenny. To make a complex situation worse, I’d make the story up as I went along.

But I’ve kept up! I don’t think it’s a brilliant story (and there are lots of tenuous links to the prompts) but it’s there and I’ve produced something.I’ll eventually lay it out in proper comic page form, with edits, but it’s a good start so I’m happy.