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And, with that, production on Issue 3 begins…

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Model Sheets

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Pre-production on Issue 3.

Writing for Issue 3 …

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Writing for Issue 3 …

…has been sporadic (isn’t life’s roller coaster fun?), but it’s almost there!  In the meantime, drawings!

Deathship Jenny’s now on the shelves in these stores!

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I’ll add to this post as they come.

Click the image to go to their Facebook Page.
Ace Comics and Games Comic Patch  All Star Comics   Secret Identity ComicsJunky Comics

Deathship Jenny Review ~ Ace Comics & Games

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DSJ is now available at Ace Comics and Games (with a rather good review to boot)!

Deathship Jenny is a new Australian comic and I think it’s pretty bloody neat.
Set in the year 200 AR (After Revolution), in a post-scarcity, fame obsessed future, the series centres on Jenny McCurdy, the former child star of ‘Deathship Jenny’, a TV series in which she, and a trusty crew of Space Pirates, battled the Martian Horde!
Four years later, and despite being an extremely gifted engineer, her life is an endless series of micromanaged publicity stunts organized by her obsessive stage parents, and she’s decided she wants MORE than her 15 minutes of fame.

The art and writing on this by creator Rob O’Connor is extremely solid, and features a bunch of great interstitial material (in-world advertising which gives some neat information on the setting without heavy exposition) by an array of top-notch local talent!
In some respects, it reminds me of Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s amazing ‘The Ballad of Halo Jones’ from ‘2000AD’ in the way it combines an amazing future world, culture and technology with the mundane grind of everyday life.

The first two issues are on sale now at both Ace Comics & Games Stores.

– Pól.

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Progress Art – Stewart Cook

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Take a gander The Art of Stewart Cook‘s sweet, sweet pic in Deathship Jenny Issue 2!


Toowoomba Comic Con – Done and Dusted!

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A big thanks to Toowoomba Library’s Angela Morgan, not to mention Todd Baillie and the gang at Kaboom Comics for organising such a great event! Only just starting to recover from it now!
A massive thank you especially to all the fantastic people I met on the day. Some great conversations and drawing requests.I don’t think I’ve drawn so much in a single sitting.
DSJ#2 is now well and truly launched! Hurrah!

DSJ2 Launch

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Looking forward to it! 🙂


It’s here!!!

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And, with that, ‘pre-ordering’ became ‘ordering’! Woohoo!
An AMAZING job done by Doug at Comic Books on Demand!


DSJ2 Cover

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Still reviewing, but I think it’s pretty much there.