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This is what my work ‘About Me’ reads:

Rob is an experienced teacher with degrees in Primary Teaching and Animation. He has had over 7 years experience in the classroom and about the same length of time flexing his drawing and design skills on a professional basis.

This combination of skills and his deep interest in all facets of multimedia has led to his career as an Instructional Designer. Having been with Liquid from the start, and with over 10 years of e-Learning instructional design experience, Rob has spearheaded hundreds of e-Learning designs focusing on delivering educational outcomes. Working with clients such as Educational Services Australia, Seqwater, Disney e-Learning, the Mining Industry Skills Centre, Warner Bros, Bravehearts, Blake Education, Queensland Rail, The Department of Environment and Resource Management, Macmillan Press and Triple P International (Positive Parenting Program), Rob has extensive experience working with a range of learners.

Rob doesn’t like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, despite what the song says. A bourbon or two in a nice, dry pub sounds much better, thanks.

This is a blog for all of the artwork I do outside of work hours (unless you’re talking about the comic strip I made called Liff. Go here if you want to see that). Hope you enjoy the funny pictures!